Individual Membership subscription is simple and open to everyone ...

  1. Subscribe, make payment and become a member
  2. Begin your online revision journey, anytime, anywhere..

School subscription is even simpler for schools and institutions:

  1. Join the platform through our agents, representatives or affiliate channels.
  2. Make your payment to enable you subscribe all your students to your content and become an instructor.
  3. Create content that your students can learn from and use in their supplementary learning.
Individual-based Subscription
As per course price

Easy Access

Timed Revision Content

Fully Automated Marking and Counterchecking

No hassles creating content

No course-creation learning method required

School Subscription
KES. 5000

Easy Access

Fully Timed & Automated Marking with Counterchecking

Own students access content at no extra cost

Ability to create your own revision content

Earn from your created learning content